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Palawan History

Archeological findings indicate that the first Filipino once lived in the Tabon Caves complex, Quezon, Palawan. A skullcap unearthed in 1962, carbon dated to be 22,000 years old bore testimony to this, thus give credit to the caves as “Cradle of Philippine Civilization”

            Studies showed that there come three waves of migration from Asia to Palawan passing through the land bridges of Balabac, in the following order: The Pygmies (Aetas/Nigritos); the Indonesians to this group where the Tagbanuas belong: and the Malays.Read More

Company Profile

Palawan Ecology Travel & Tour is a licensed   inbound/outbound travel agency with the address at 84 National Hi-way, San Pedro, Puerto Princesa City, Palawan Philippines, with Telefax No. (63)434-4179/8553 and E-mail: leomonice@yahoo.com. This was registered from Department of Trade and Industry under the Region IV in July 16, 2004 with Registry TRN354916 Cert. No. 00410016 .

The primary objective of our company is to develop, establish, manage and operate Travel Agency in cooperation with Airlines, Shipping lines, Hotels, Resorts, Beaches, Restaurant, Persons and other activity related to Tourism Industry.

The agency aims to promote all Ecological Activities in Palawan, from the mountain top down to the bottom of the sea. Such as mountain climbing, trekking, white water rafting, camping, scuba diving, snorkeling, fishing, firefly watching, river cruising and many more... ended.. a responsible sustainable tourism industry of the country.